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Athanasios Samaras

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UNDERGRADUATE ADVISOR--History of Philosophy, Ethics, Political Philosophy

Thanassis Samaras is mainly interested in the history of philosophy, ethics and political philosophy. He has published books and articles on the Presocratics, the sophists, Plato and Aristotle.



(in preparation)  The Household in Plato’s Political Philosophy 

2015 Aristotle’s Politics: A Critical Guide. Co-edited with Thornton Lockwood. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 

2014 Western Philosophy: The Journey (Textbook) Kendall/Hunt, Dubuque, IA. Revised Printing.

2003 Plato, Apology and Crito. Introduction, Translation and Commentary (in  Modern Greek). Zitros, Thessaloniki

2002 Plato on Democracy. Peter Lang, New York

Journal Articles/Book Chapters

(forthcoming) 'Aristotle: Defining the Citizen.' In Carol Atack (ed.), Oxford Handbook of Ancient Greek Political Thought. Oxford University Press.

2024 (forthcoming) ‘Perspectives on Leisure in Antiquity from the Archaic to the Christian Periods’. In Jerry Toner (ed.), A Cultural History of Leisure, Vol. 1: Antiquity. Bloomsbury 

2020 'Reproductive Deception and the Paradigmatic Character of Plato’s Republic.' Akropolis 4: 36–49

2019 ‘Aristotle’s Best City in the Context of his Concept of Aretē.’ In Marion Bourbon, Valéry Laurand and Thornton Lockwood (eds.), Aristote Politique VII: La constitution ‘selon nos voeux’. Special Issue of Polis (vol. 36, issue 1): 139–52

2017 ‘Leisure in Classical Greek Philosophy.’ In Karl Spracklen, Erin Sharpe, Brett Lashua and Spencer Swain (eds.), A Handbook of Leisure Theory. London: Palgrave Macmillan 229–47

2016    ‘Aristotle on Gender in Politics I.’ History of Political Thought 37: 595–605

2015 ‘Aristotle and the Question of Citizenship.’ In Thornton Lockwood and Thanassis Samaras (eds.), Aristotle’s Politics: A Critical Guide. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 123–41

2015 ‘Metaphysics, Politics and Poetic Laguage in Anaximander.’ In Georgios Xenis (ed.), Literature, Scholarship, Philosophy and History: Classical Studies in Memory of Ioannis Taifacos. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag, 327–39

2012 ‘Leisured Aristocrats or Warrior Farmers? Leisure in the Laws.’ Philology 107: 1–20

2012 ‘The Cynical Thrasymachus’. Philosophy Study 2: 172–84  

2010 ‘Family and the Question of Women in the Laws.’ In Christopher Bobonich (ed.), A Critical Guide to Plato’s Laws. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 172–96

2007  ‘Aristotle’s Politics: The City of Book Seven and the Question of Ideology.’ Classical Quarterly 57: 77–89 Available online at

2007  ‘Is Ancient Democracy “Quasi-Liberal?”’ Co-authored with Kevin Olbrys. Revue Internationale des droits de l’antiquité 14: 111–141

2007  ‘Who Believes in Socrates’ Innocence? The Religious Charges Against Socrates and the Intended Audience of Plato’s Apology.’ Polis 24: 328–38

2006  ‘Protagoras and Slavery.’ History of Political Thought 27: 1–9 

2004 ‘Socrates and Morality: Commentary on T. Penner.’ In V. Karasmanis (ed.), Socrates: 2400 Years since his Death, European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Delphi: 153–56

2003 ‘The Best City in Aristotle’s Politics.Philosophical Inquiry 25: 151–64        

2000  ‘Socrates’ Reaction to the Political Aspect of his Trial.’ Isopoliteia 4 (in Modern Greek): 163–74

1999  ‘The Philosophical Relationship between the Republic and the Laws.Defkalion 17 (in Modern Greek): 23–49

1996  ‘When Did Plato Abandon the Hope that Ideal Rulers Might Appear Among Human Beings?’ History of Political Thought 17: 109–13 

1996  ‘Unity and Difference in Plato’s Political Thought.’ Journal of Liberal  Arts 2: 65–85

1993  ‘Unhappy Consciousness and Tragic Consciousness in Hegel.’ Philologos 72 (in Modern Greek): 112–29

Research Interests:
  • History of Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Political Philosophy
Courses Regularly Taught:
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Head of Department Dr. Aaron Meskin and Undergraduate Coordinator Thanassis Samaras host an informal chat about  the prospects and rewards of majoring in philosophy. All are welcome to participate to discuss the many benefits of choosing philosophy as a major.

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