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PhD Placement

PhD Placement 2007–2023 

Josué Piñeiro                         

Knowing and Being Known: Failures, Injustices, and Reparations (Chris Cuomo) 

Kennesaw State University, Lecturer


Michael Starling 

The Civic and Political Function of Plato’s Philosophical Praxis (Rohan Sikri)

San Joaquin Delta College, Associate Professor (tenure track)


Nucharee Wongsamut

Some Ethical Questions Regarding Genome Editing (Melissa Seymour Fahmy)

Thammasat University, Thailand, Lecturer (tenure track)


Justin Simpson             

"Posthuman Performances in Environmental Ethics and Social Epistemology" (Chris Cuomo)

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (lecturer) 


Claire Mills                            

Livestock in Rawls’ Basic Structure: A Novel Approach to Distributive Justice for Farmed Animals (Piers Stephens)

Cottey College, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)

Michael Lindquist                

An Exploration of Environmental Values in Outer Space (Piers Stephens)

Northland College, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)

Laura Matthews

Mental Illness as Inadaptivity: An Enactive Approach  (René Jagnow)

University of Auburn (full-time lecturer) 

Pittsburgh University, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Teaching Assistant Professor


James Filler                   

Heidegger's Neoplatonic Ontology: Relation as the Ground of Being  (Piers Stephens)

Wheeling University, Adjunct Instructor

Belmont College, Adjunct Instructor

Chris Byron 

A New Reading of Marx’s Theory of Exploitation: Assessment and Defense (O. Bradley Bassler)

Barry University (FL), Visiting Instructor


Snead State Community College (AL) (tenure track)


Erich Christiansen                  

No Way to Tell from Here: Drone Strikes and the Ontology and Epistemology of the Enemy (Chris Cuomo)


Nathan Vacher                       

Significance and the Indefinite in Hans Blumberg’s Work on Myth (Elizabeth Brient)


Graham Schuster       

Truth, The Good, and the Unity of Concept and Objectivity in Hegel’s Science of Logic (Richard Dien Winfield)

West Texas A & M University, Visiting Assistant Professor


Ava Thomas Wright              

The Duty of Veracity (Melissa Seymour Fahmy)

Northeastern University, Postdoctoral Research & Teaching Fellowship

California Polytechnic State University, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)


Michael Yudanin  

Animal Choice and Freedom: On the Genealogy of the Will (Richard Dien Winfield)

Software Consultant


Joseph Carter 

Motion and Actuality of the Infinite in Aristotle’s Physics III (Richard Winfield)

UGA Library


Chris Lay                               

Personal Identity and Moral Character: How a Necessary Moral Persistence Condition Might Be Possible (René Jagnow & Sarah Wright)

University of Texas at El Paso, Visiting Assistant Professor

Young Harris College, Assistant Professor (tenure track)


John Njoroge  

Objection sustained: Anscombe’s challenge to modern moral philosophy’s use of the concept of obligation (Melissa Fahmy)

Head of the Valley Light Home (orphanage) in Nairobi, Kenya


John Paetsch 

The texture of foliated time (O. Bradley Bassler)

Temple University, Adjunct Instructor (temporary)


Brooke Rudow-Abouharb     

At Home on Earth: A Philosophical Foundation (Beth Preston)

Georgia College and State University, Visiting Lecturer


Tony Chackal

The internal and external dimensions of ecological autonomy (Beth Preston)

Missouri State University, Instructor (permanent)

Augusta University, Assistant Professor (tenure track)


Emre Ebetürk  

Hegel’s idea of life in logic and nature (Richard Winfield)

Currently applying for academic positions


Clinton Johnson

Meister Eckhart’s nova et rara: His novel and unusual forms of rhetoric and the emerging modern worldview (Elizabeth Brient)

Kennesaw State University, Adjunct Instructor

Georgia State University, Senior Research Scientist


Luke Johnson 

Kierkegaard and the significance of individuality (Richard Winfield)

Head private app-development company


Sean Meslar  

Deontological epistemology (Sarah Wright)

Currently applying for academic positions


Rebecca Neher                       

Charles W. Mills’ “Racial Contract” (Chris Cuomo)

No current information


Bradley Patty                         

On honor (Edward Halper)

Works for a consulting firm


Jackson Schwartz 

Natural goodness and normative evaluation (Melissa Seymour Fahmy)

University of West Georgia, Adjunct Instructor (full-time)

Clayton State University, Lecturer (permanent)


Nathan Wood  

The problem of demarcation in contemporary virtue ethics (Piers Stephens)

Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC, Instructor of Philosophy (permanent)



Isadora Mosh

Thinking emotions: Exploring emotion through philosophy, ethics, narrative, and grief (O. Bradley Bassler)

Georgia College and State University, Lecturer of Philosophy (permanent)


Nastassja Pugliese   

The metaphysics of imagination in Spinoza (Edward Halper)

University of Sao Paulo, Post-doctorate

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (Assistant Professor, tenure-track)


Taylor Stone 

William James and John Dewey on pragmatic religion (Piers Stephens)

Emory & Henry College, VA, Adjunct Instructor


Tess Varner 

Looking beyond linguistics: A pragmatists-(eco)feminist framework for democratic deliberation with nonhuman stakeholders (Victoria Davion)

Concordia College, Moorhead, MN, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)


Peter Ahumada 

Language: An overhaul of linguistic philosophy (Richard Winfield)

High School Teacher (mathematics)


Daniel Crescenzo 

Nonhuman animals and the promise of the capabilities approach (Piers Stephens)

Stewardship Coordinator, Oconee River Land Trust.


Anthony Shiver

Parts and Plurals: Essays on the Logic and Metaphysics of Plurality (Charles Cross)

Test Specialist, Law School Admissions Council


Robert Scott

Ecological responsibility as an imperative and a virtue: A transcendental phenomenological approach (Piers Stephens)

University of North Georgia, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)


Eric Helleloid  

Hannah Arendt's phenomenology of the will: Contingency, temporality, and the nature of moral judgment (Elizabeth Brient)

Augsburg College, Instructor (temporary)

Immigration and Naturalization Services


Gregory Scott Moss

The being of the universal: A historical and systematic inquiry (Richard Winfield)

Clemson University, Lecturer (temporary)

Chinese University, Hong Kong, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)


Anthony Jared Tiarsmith        

On the outcry of mute things: Hans Jonas and The imperative of responsibility (Richard Winfield)

GrowNYC, Development/Grant Writing Intern (temporary)

City Parks Foundation, Project Coordinator (Newtown Creek)


James Martin Grindeland       

On the hard problem of consciousness: An evaluation and defense of Chalmers’ two-dimensional argument against materialism (René Jagnow)

University of North Georgia, Lecturer (full-time)


Benjamin William McCraw  

A virtue-theoretic approach to religious epistemology: Faith as an act of epistemic virtue (Sarah Wright)

University of South Carolina Upstate, Adjunct Instructor


Daniel Bloom 

The unity of oneness and manyness in Plato’s Theaetetus (Edward Halper)

University of Georgia, Instructor (temporary)

West Texas A & M, Assistant Professor (tenure-track)


Tzuchien Tho

Leibniz’s laboratory of concepts: The status and structure of infinitesimals as metaphysical laboratory (O. Bradley Bassler)

Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Affiliated Researcher (temporary)

Centre International d’Etude de la Philosophie Française Contemporaine, Affiliated Researcher (temporary)

University of Bristol, Lecturer in the History of Philosophy (fulltime)


Brian Rañon Howell              

Negative dialectics and political improvisation: The convergence of philosophy, politics and music in Adorno’s critique of praxis (O. Bradley Bassler)

1. Hillsborough Community College, Adjunct Instructor

2. University of Tampa, Adjunct Instructor

3. University of South Florida, Adjunct Instructor

4. Rañon, Inc., Project Engineer


Matthew Lee Schneider         

Self-ownership, property right and freedom: Reconceiving property in ourselves (Victoria Davion)

1. University of Georgia, Instructor (temporary)

2. Wofford College, Visiting Assistant Professor

3. Traveling Trainer at Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, Saint Simons Island, Georgia


Laurence Bloom                    

Beyond the hypothesis: The unity of the soul in Plato’s Republic (Edward Halper)

1. University of Georgia, Instructor (temporary)

2. University of Cape Town, Visiting Lecturer

3. Rhodes University, Visiting Lecturer

4. University of Cape Town, Postdoctoral Fellow

5. Lecturer, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South-Africa


George Miles Felis                

Evolved value and the foundations of ethical theory (Scott A. Kleiner)

 1. Georgia Perimeter College, Adjunct Instructor

2. Oglethorpe University, Visiting Assistant Professor

3. Northern Arizona University at Flagstaff, Instructor (temporary)

4. University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Lecturer (permanent)


Chad Wiener  

Final cause as the unity of sensible ousia: The compatibility of Aristotle’s metaphysical and physical definitions of a living being (Edward Halper)

 1. Portland State University, Assistant Professor (tenure track)

2. Pacific University, Visiting Assistant Professor

3. Old Dominion University, Lecturer (permanent)


Whitten Sullivan Watson       

On the legitimacy of democratic government (Richard Winfield)

Butler University, Adjunct Instructor


Nile Sedgwick  

Sentimentalism and moral motivation (Sarah Wright)

1. Georgia State University, MS program in Professional Counseling

2. Savannah Therapy, Psychotherapist


Xon Hostetter  

The trinitarian philosophy of Jonathan Edwards: An ontological and typological exposition (Elizabeth Brient)

1. Berea Reformed Evangelical Church, Pastor

2. Crawford Middle School, 8th Grade Teacher

3. University of Georgia Law School, Student


Chelsea Harold Snelgrove     

After humanism: Ethics and politics from an ecological point of view (Victoria Davion)

1. Georgia Perimeter College, Adjunct Instructor

2. University of West Georgia, Adjunct Instructor

3. South University, Adjunct Online Instructor


David Jeremy Hart                 

Helens: Autobiography at the crossroads of philosophy and literature (O. Bradley Bassler)

 1. West Texas A & M, Associate Professor

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