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Piers H.G. Stephens (PhD University of Manchester) is an environmental philosopher with a background in the history of ideas in moral and political philosophy as well as in literature. He serves as the editor of Ethics and the Environment as well as philosophy reviews editor of the international interdisciplinary academic journal Environmental Values, and is a member of the International Society for Environmental Ethics, the American Philosophical Association, the Society for Advancement of American Philosophy, and the William James Society. His primary research interests center upon the environmental turn in political and moral philosophy but extend into the philosophical mainstream, particularly in relation to the history of ideas with special concern for ideas of freedom, nature and the good in the liberal and pragmatist traditions.

Research Interests:
  • Environmental Philosophy
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy
Selected Publications:

"The Tragedy of the Uncommon: Property, Possession and Belonging in Community Gardens’, in The Greening of Everyday Life: Challenging Practices, Imagining Possibilities, Eds. John M. Meyer and Jens Kersten (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016).

"Comments on Brook Muller’s 'The Machine is a Watershed for Living In (Reconstituting Architectural Horizons)'", The Pluralist, 11, No. 1, (2016). 

“Environmental Political Theory and the Liberal Tradition” in The Oxford Handbook of Environmental Political Theory, Eds. John M. Meyer and Cheryl Hall, (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016).

"On the Nature of 'Nature': The Real Meanings and Significance of John Stuart Mill’s Misunderstood Essay", Environmental Ethics, 37. No. 3, (2015). 

"John Stuart Mill and the Greening of the Liberal Heritage", in Engaging Nature: Environmentalism and the Political Theory Canon, Eds. Peter Cannavo and Joseph Lane, (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2014).

"The Turn of the Skew: Pragmatism, Environmental Philosophy and the Ghost of William James", Contemporary Pragmatism, 9, No. 1, (2012); reprinted in Pragmatism and Environmentalism, Ed. Hugh P. McDonald, (New York, NY: Rodopi, 2012).

"Toward a Jamesian Environmental Philosophy", Environmental Ethics, 31, No. 3, (2009).

"Plumwood, Property, Selfhood and Sustainability", Ethics and the Environment, 14, No. 2, (2009).

"Sustainability, Democracy and Pragmatism: Bryan Norton's Philosophy of Ecosystem Management," Organization and Environment (2007).

Contemporary Environmental Politics: From Margins to Mainstream (edited with John Barry and Andrew Dobson) (2006).

Curriculum Vitae: