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Faculty Fellow of UGA's Artificial Intelligence Institute.

Charles Cross received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Pittsburgh. His specialty is philosophical logic, especially counterfactuals and logical aspects of metaphysics and epistemology. His papers have appeared in such journals as Mind, Analysis, The Journal of PhilosophyPhilosophical Studies, Philosophical Quarterly, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, and The Journal of Philosophical Logic. He has been an Associate Editor of Australasian Journal of Philosophy and a member of the editorial board of American Philosophical Quarterly, and he continues to serve on the editorial board of The Journal of Philosophical Logic

Research Interests:
  • Philosophical logic (especially conditionals and logical aspects of metaphysics and epistemology)
Selected Publications:

C. Cross, "Every Proposition is a Counterfactual," Acta Analytica (2016).

C. Cross, "Embedded Counterfactuals and Possible Worlds Semantics," Philosophical Studies (2016).

C. Cross, "A Logical Transmission Principle for Conclusive Reasons," Australasian Journal of Philosophy (2015).

C. Cross and F. Roelofsen, "Questions," The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Spring 2014 Edition), Edward N. Zalta (ed.), URL = <>.

C. Cross, "The Paradox of the Knower Without Epistemic Closure - Corrected," Mind (2012).

"Brute Facts, the Necessity of Identity, and the Identity of Indiscernibles," Pacific Philosophical Quarterly (2011)

"Comparative World Similarity and What is Held Fixed in Counterfactuals," Analysis (2011)

"Causal Independence, the Identity of Indiscernibles, and the Essentiality of Origins," Journal of Philosophy (2009)